A Diamond in the Rough

John 21 7-14

Peter is so impetuous.  He often speaks or acts before he thinks of what he is doing.  Peter also has huge blind faith.  You can go so far as to say he has more faith than brains.  I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing.

I would like to look in on this, as an observer to see how this story looks from that perspective.  You watch as Peter quickly dresses and then jumps into the water.  “What is he doing?” you might ask.  Now you see him swimming to shore and running up to Jesus on the beach, clearly glad to see Him.  If you watch their faces, Peter has an earnest look, but Jesus is smiling.  You can imagine that Jesus is laughing because of Peter’s appearance and his exuberance.  The Bible doesn’t tell us what Jesus said to Peter, but we can guess, “Peter, I love your impetuous nature.  That is the very reason I called you.”

We are called in our sin!  We are not told to clean up our act, and then God will call us, are we?  Sure, God wants us to stop sinning!  He wants to change us from physical beings to spiritual beings.  But He does not want to change who we are.  After all, it is He who formed us in the womb (Isaiah 44:2.) and gave us our personality, and He loves us.  At the same time, the Bible tells us that we are conceived in sin (Psalm 51:5.)  Before our birth, the flesh and the spirit begin in war, and that war continues all of our life, until Jesus perfects us at the last.

That which God formed in us is covered by sin, much like a diamond covered by rock.  God must remove the rock of our sin from us, in order to reveal the precious diamond within.  That is the work of sanctification.  It is a difficult, two step process.  Peter underwent the first part of the process in the three years that he followed Jesus, and now he stands before the Lord ready for the next step in the process, the cutting and polishing.

Diamond in the Stone

In all this God did not waste Peter’s life experiences, nor change who he was at his core.  He continued to be impetuous in his work for the Lord, which made him a bold witness for Christ!


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