The Signs of the Times

Isaiah 2 1-4

This wonderful prophesy of Isaiah tells of a future when Israel will be restored and the church will return to its roots.  All wars will be done with and war will never come to pass again.  Until that time, we must be vigilant.  We must look to God and understand the signs of the times.

So much has happened in just three generations.  Our grandparents fought with swords and black powder muskets and cannons.  They rode horses and in wagons.  They plowed fields by use of mule or oxen.  They came to America on sailing ships and sailed our coasts hunting whales to provide oil for their lamps.

Our parents fought in World War II and saw the unleashing of the atomic bomb on Japan.  They witnessed the invention of the automobile and airplanes as a means of travel.  They plowed fields with tractors.  Steam ships brought new immigrants to our shores.  They saw the invention of electricity and the light bulb, radio and television.

Now, we fight with drones and computer guided missiles.  We have self driving cars and planes, even flying cars.  We have genetically engineered crops, harvested and processed by machines.  We have marveled at the invention of computers and watched them go from the size of a small house with limited capability to ones that fit in our hands and seem to have no limits.

Despite all these advances, wars still continue on large scale and small, with devastating results.  Terrorists bring these wars from the battle field to our homes.  The cost of travel has increased, as has the cost of living at all.  You would think all this technology would help to lower costs.  With all our advances in medicine, we still have people who cannot afford care and many who receive care still dying of diseases we cannot cure, despite all our efforts.  All this technology has dummied us down.  We can no longer do simple tasks – our computers do it for us, and instead of freeing us and empowering us, they have enslaved us and burdened us.

We have lost faith in God and placed it in technology and government.  The consequences are disastrous.  We now have an increase in manmade disasters, as well as natural disasters, beyond our ability to understand or to adjust to the new normal.  Pain, suffering, fear and hopelessness abound and yet we continue to reject God and His principles.  We continue on this same path to destruction.

In the history of the world, there have been only two nations founded by God:  the nation of Israel and the USA, a Christian nation!  When Israel followed God, they were blessed.  When they rejected Him, they were cursed.  It was that simple.  How foolish are we to follow in Israel’s disobedience.

There was no way that Israel could bring about the fulfilling of Isaiah’s prophesy.  They could never be good enough or follow God close enough, or be obedient enough.  In fact, it was, their failure that brought their salvation to them in the person of Jesus, the Christ, His first coming. Their rejection of the Messiah birthed the church.  Unfortunately, the church can no more bring about the fulfilling of Isaiah’s prophesy than Israel did.   In fact, it is the failure of the church that will facilitate the second coming, and it will be God who fulfills this prophesy, in His way and His time.  However, we, the true church and the remnant of His people need to watch for the signs of the times.  We cannot influence or change them, but we must be ready for His coming and be found working for His glory preaching and teaching the Gospel message to all the world.  We want to be showing Christ to all who will listen, growing the kingdom of God here and now, while waiting on that day!



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